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Four Types of Communication

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Types of Communication

Nowadays, if you want to become successful, you need to have good communication skills, because without communication expertise you don’t serve in any field. The communication process is a very complex subject. So communication has different types such as verbal, non-verbal, written, and listening. We will discuss in this blog the above four types of communication.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the most important communication because it is understandable communication for everyone. You can do verbal communication face to face, via phone, so it is easy to understand the opinion of the opponent. If you have any issues with your business partner and you want to resolve them then verbal communication is the quick way of communication instead of written communication. You need strong verbal communication for your business and private life, so you also need a strong voice and confidence for verbal communication.


Non-Verbal Communication

There are two ways to talk when you are speaking and the other is to talk as well as the different parts of your body that are just gestures. Lets your opponent know that you are in good mode or bad today. If you pay attention to what someone is saying, it is understood. So whenever you talk to someone, be careful not to make the wrong gesture because your wrong gesture hurts someone. Every culture has some specific gestures, there are good and bad, so we should talk in terms of culture. It is not hard to understand the culture. Only then will you be successful.

Non Verbal
Non Verbal

Written Communication

Written communication is the most important medium of communication because it’s used for the legal process of business etc. You can’t use verbal or non-verbal communication as a piece of evidence for the legal process but written communication can. So written communication is the most effective way of business communication because nowadays all businesses communicate through email so they need to be written communication to convey their message to customers or clients.

You should use common words which is understandable for the reader and should use a courteous tone in written communication because the reader can’t see your facial expressions.

Written Communication
Written Communication


Listening is the ability to learn some things because listening is the first step of learning if you listen carefully then you will understand the concept. You know that we listen a lot in a day but it just listening because just listening is not enough, the important thing is to pay attention and understand the speaker.


The process of active listening is:

  • Receiving
  • Understanding
  • Remembering
  • Evaluating
  • Feedback

Communication Skills

Active listening

Active listening means that pay attention to who communicating with you and what he or she is trying to say.

Communication method

There are main three methods of communication such as verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. What type of communication do you need at the movement and communication with the opponent because it’s important for good communications?


A friendly environment is good for communication because a friendly environment makes it easy to communicate with each other. Two or more people discuss easily any kind of topic.


It’s difficult for anyone but it’s not impossible because confidence comes with discussions with people when you speak with others then try to make eye contact with your opponent. Eye contact gives you more confidence and you can answer the questions.

Sharing feedback

When you communicate with others, it’s mean that you share feedback with others. There are two types of feedback, it’s good criticism or bad criticism, and provides constructive input to others.

Communication Barrier

Linguistic Barriers

The language barrier is one of the top listed barriers because language varies region wise so it creates a barrier.

Psychological Barriers

There are psychological issues with people that create a barrier so there are some psychological barriers mentioned as under:

  • People have stage fear
  • Speech disorders
  • Depression of speech

Cultural Barriers

Different cultures in the world become a barrier for people when they job in multinational companies. Because world become a global village and different culture people work together. So culture is the most common barrier in communication.

Communication is an important part of today professional life and personal life, so it’s a major part of life and you can’t survive without communication skills in professional and personal life.


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