Recruitment and Selection
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What is the difference between recruitment and selection process?

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection is an essential part of the organization so we will discuss recruitment and selection in this blog post.

Every organization depended on their human resource and human resource is an asset of the organization so sometimes asset can become the weakness. Whenever assets become weakness then the organization does not rely on the weak assets so they want to hire someone else. Although it is not easy to fire or hire employees because the organization already had been spent a lot of financial resources on employees.

Who hires or fires the employees in the organization? Although this is the responsibility of the human resource department. Human resources have a lengthy process for hiring new employees so we are going to discuss the human resource hiring process.

Although Recruitment and selection are two different terms that most people converge on each other.

Let’s discuss the following topics of human resource

  • Recruitment
  • Selection


Whenever organizations need new hiring then they need a recruitment process for hiring.

Recruitment is a process of searching the potential candidates for vacant positions. So this process basic aims to inspiring applicants to apply for the vacant position. As well as the recruitment process searching qualified candidates for the vacant position or new hiring. So it aims to attract and encourage a large number of applicants for the job. Recruitment is to create a pool of the right candidates for the right job at the right time. This is an initial process before selection and it makes easier the selection process.


Recruitment Procedure

Let’s discuss the recruitment procedure that differentiates recruitment from the selection so you will understand the difference.

  • Advertisement of the vacant position
  • So analyzing the vacant position requirement
  • Attracting interested and qualified candidates
  • Managing applicants
  • Shortlisting of qualified candidates

Although the organization uses internal and external recruitment processes.

What is the internal recruitment process?

  • Internal Promotion
  • Transfers
  • Organization Ex-employees
  • Retired employees
  • References
  • Contact

What is the external recruitment process?

  • Internal recruitment
  • Advertisement of job
  • With the help of recruitment agencies
  • Employment exchanges

Job description and job specification are two sets of data regarding the job that helps candidates whether they apply for the job or not.

Job description

The job description is the basic job-related data that use to advertise a specific, so it provides information such as job title, job location, reporting, job nature, and objective of a job. Although the basic goal of a job description provides job-related data to advertise the job. So it helps in the recruitment process that what kind of candidates requires for the job.

Human Resource Management: Essential Perspectives 7th Edition

by Robert L. Mathis (Author), John H. Jackson (Author), Sean R. Valentine (Author)

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Human Resource Management: Essential Perspectives 7th Edition
Human Resource Management: Essential Perspectives 7th Edition
Job specification

It is the information about job and details of requirement such as educational qualification, experience level, emotional, skills. So it provides general health, intelligence, judgment, aptitude, leadership skills, creativity, and emotional ability. Job specification helps candidates whether they are eligible to apply or not. So it provides detailed information about the vacant position.


(JD) Job Description Job Specification
  Job Title Qualification
  Job Location Experience
  Working conditions Job responsibilities
  Reporting Skills
  Job Summary Training


Every organization is looking to hire the right candidate for the right job, so the organization receives hundreds or thousands of applications. Although they shortlist only a few candidates for the vacant position. It does not intend to discourage the candidates although they choose the best-qualified candidates for the job. The organization does not reject all the applicants but they keep the applications in their record.


What is the procedure of the selection process?

  • Separating unqualified job applicants
  • Screening of job applicants for best candidates
  • Examining the candidates through the different testing procedure such as personality test, aptitude test, intelligence test
  • Interview
  • References of job applicant’s
  • Medical procedure

The selection process difficult from the recruitment process because its procedure is quite long and stressful. Therefore, HR manager screen each applicant then he decides that which one eligible for the job. The following factors should consider with the job such as qualification, age, experience, and background, then selecting the candidates for the test.

How to differentiate recruitment and selection?

The following characteristics or factors differentiate the recruitment and selection process.


 Comparison Recruitment Selection
  Meaning So screening for potential applicants and aim to encourage them to apply So Best candidates’ selection process and a job offer to them
  Approach Positive and find out large applicant’s pool Negative and find out the procedure to reduce the candidates and identify one best candidate
  Objective Encourage more applicants to apply for a vacant position Find out eligible candidate and reject other applicants
  Key Factor Job advertisement so Best candidate appointing
  Sequence First recruitment Second Selection process
  Process Vacant position identify the organization and application form available to candidates After various levels (submitting a form writing a test interview and eligible candidates
  Specifications The policy of recruitment specifies the goal of recruitment rules and regulations for the implementation of recruitment The selection policy evaluate through different method/stages then the candidate will be selected
Contractual Relation No contractual relation and recruitment implies communication and an open position The contractual procedure involves in the selection process   and agrees with employer and employee
  Method Economical Expensive


 Personal views

I hope, most people will disagree with personal views.

Employees are the asset of the organization so it’s the strength of the organization and it’s also the weakness of the organization. If organizations have experienced employees, then their strength of the organization and inexperienced employees become weaknesses of the organization.

Every organization has criteria for hiring new candidates so the most common criteria of selection such as experience, 3.5 CGPA, or 1st division, age.

Every organization does not call the applicant who less than 3.5 CGPA or 1st division. So there are a lot of examples that those students who less than 3.5 CGPA or 2nd division (Grade) but they more competent than 3.5 CGPA. Although they have less percentage due to some reasons, it doesn’t mean that they have not competent.

So organizations miss the competent applicants because organizations need competent and hard-working candidates. CGPA doesn’t matter because competency is more important.


Recruitment and selection play an important role in the organization’s success so the right candidate for the right job at the right time.

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