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What is line authority in HRM

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If you read this blog carefully then definitely you will understand the line authority. Organizations have authority from top management to lower management due to authority organizations running in industries. Top management plans the different tasks for their employees and managers should responsible for implementing the plan. So the authority plays an important role to implement the plan.

Authority is the right direction of the decisions and due to authority directs the work of the employees and to gives direction.

So we will discuss the following types of authority.

  • Line Authority
  • Staff Authority
  • Functional Authority
Line Authority

So the organizations delegate the authority to different managers for achieving organizational goals.

Line authority delegate to line manager for achieving the goals of the company.

Staff authority is delegated to the staff manager for support, advice, and service to the line manager.

The functional authority is delegated to the staff or line manager for some specific activities to do in the organization and after the completion of the activities, so the authority is canceled.

Line Authority

It is the fundamental authority that is reflected in the relationship between employees and employers. Managers have the power of decision-making because of authority. What is the difference between line and staff authority, the word line is the basic difference between both authorities because the word line differentiates line manager from staff Manager? The Line emphasizes managers who directly contribute to organizational functions.

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Staff Authority

The staff authority has the power of decisions, advice to line authority for the effectiveness of work. These are independent managers and do not report to line managers, so staff authority does not afford every organization. Large organizations hire the staff authority for their line managers because the line managers do not have enough knowledge, capacity, and experience. The staff authorities are highly specialized and expensive so every organization does not recruit them because of their high cost.

The staff managers do not involve in operational work because they provide expertise, advisory roles for organizations rather than operations.

Functional Authority

Functional authority is a limited type of line authority because they have some restrictions. The organizations give functional authority to one person or department to control some processes, activities within the department. The organization can need a functional authority whenever the executive feels a lack of experience, abilities, and skills in a specific area or department. So they delegate the functional authority to someone.

There is some additional information about Managers and authorities

Types of Managers

Organizations run through three types of managers

  • Top Manager
  • Middle Manager
  • First Level Manager

Effective Skills for Managers

  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Technology skills

Management Four Functions

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Controlling

Human Resource Management Functions

  • Staffing
  • Human Resource Development
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Safety & Health
  • Employee & Labor Relations

Human resource management functions will discuss in upcoming blog posts.


Organizations have three types of managers that are called Top Manager, Middle Manager, and First-line manager. They work within different authorities and they are accountable within the authority. They have some authority for a limited time but they will back the authority to the organization after the completion of the project.


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