How to become a freelancer and freelancer skills 2020?


Are you stuck with a boss, so now, it’s day to goodbye, and you become a freelancer?

Everybody says that freelancing, online jobs, and freelancer, what is this.

Let’s discuss

Freelancer work anywhere

A freelancer is a person who offers services to the client, and he works for multiple clients at one time.

He is a self-employee, and he doesn’t need to office because he can work from home, then he needs a computer.

You want to become a freelancer, you need a computer, internet connection and choose your skill, we discuss skills later.

You will earn money per project and charging clients per hour and daily rates for their work, so you can manage the time because you will work on client projects. 

It’s easy to start a career as a freelancer, so the computer is available to you, then you become a freelancer.

Don’t worry about skills, working platforms, and how to find clients.

Stay here

When will I find my first work?

You can find your first project, but you will wait for it.

Stay here and wait for project

Let’s start from your childhood, you started from your first School and ended University.

Now you understand how many years you spent during this period and you completed your education.

The point is, you completed education after 20 years and you got a job with an angry boss.

You can spend some time and try to understand work.

When you start online jobs, people will say to you it’s a waste of time.

But you determine that you stay here and choose your skills, so the following skills; for you.

Freelancer Skills for online jobs

You need to skills for freelancing, so you become a freelancer.

Freelancer Writer  

You have a writing skill, then you will write for clients on different topics. It’s highly demanding skill and clients pay top rates and they want a top-quality work. 

If you want to write, then you need to research for articles or blogs, then you will provide the best result.

So it is an opportunity for online jobs and make extra money.

Freelancer Editor 

Are are you good at English grammar? As you can provide the services as an editor because new writers need editor services.

You can help to client in copywriting, and you will work per hour. The client will pay you a reasonable amount. It’s a painless way to perform online work.

Freelancer Graphics Designing

Graphics designing skill is the most demanding in the online field and best-earning source for freelancers if you are a graphic designer, then you will find a client for you.

Graphics designers work on the project per hour and work for multiple clients at one time.

If you want to multiple projects and earn more income, then you will manage your time.

Freelancer Web Development

Web development is an integral part of the online jobs and clients pay a decent amount. If you are a web developer,

Sometimes, clients need to change the website or add something new and the client is facing some problems, then you will fix it.

You will fix the problem and get payment from your client.


Can you use the digital camera, if you use the digital camera it is good? 

If you don’t use the digital camera, then you have a smartphone and how can take pictures and you know that. 

You can offer samples to clients who need photography.

Customer Service

Customer services are available for you if you have a skill of communication, then it’s easy for you.

You will need a computer, internet connection or mobile, then you will able to work.


You have a skill in Microsoft Excel and you have a better understanding of Microsoft Excel formulas then you will suitable for this job. 

Clients need to service of Microsoft excel to manage their data and analyze the data.


Are you an accountant or financial degree holder, then apply for an accounting job? If you want to become a freelance, then you will help clients with tax and deductions. Get payments from your clients and provide the best services. 

Videos Editing

Videos editing is becoming an industry and professional is looking for videos editors. 

If you have a skill of video editing, then it’s an opportunity for you to become a freelancer

You will add audio or graphics and look for errors, when you made the change, and its matches with video content.

Social Media Manager

If you have interested in social media, then you will get to chance to become a freelancer.

You will manage a social media campaign for a company. The company will pay you a reasonable amount and you will work for a company per hour or per week.

You will find the companies if they require a social media manager.

Resume writing

When you apply for a job, then you send your resume to the company and they will know your academic record and it plays an important role in your recruitment. 

So it is an art, it’s not too easy to draft a resume and you have a drafting technique, you can start drafting a resume to your client.


It is the best way to become a freelancer and you set up your own blog and write a blog for your site. It helps you increase your drafting skills, and you write a blog for a client.

You can earn passive income with minor effort, and it is necessary to improve your draft skill.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are available for you if you can manage the emails, scheduling appointments for business owners. Business owners and managers are looking to virtual assistants to help them.

It’s a chance to become a freelancer and you will work from home and they will pay you a decent amount. 

Online Data Entry

This job is available for everyone who knows the computer basic knowledge, then you will become a freelancer.

It is a very basic and common skill and most popular earning method for freelancers. You will work for the client per hour and get a reasonable amount within a few hours. 

It’s the most common way to make extra money, always do the best for your client. 

Online jobs and Freelancer sites

You will visit the site and sign up with easy steps and make a profile.

Online job sites are available for services, clients try to find freelancer for their projects. Freelancers find clients and they send proposals for work.

Then freelancer sites responsible for your payments and they get some commission, then you will earn extra income.

Top sites list is available for you.

  • UpWork
  • Fiverr
  • Simply Hired
  • Toptal
  • People per Hour
  • Aquent
  • The Creative Group
  • 99 Designs
  • Nexxt
  • Crowded
  • Writer Access
  • Task Rabbit
  • Designhill
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Hireable
  • Flex Jobs
  • Skyword


You want to earn extra money and online jobs are increase your wealth. Let’s consider online jobs, then it changes your life and save your future.

You have a skill and abilities but you don’t use it, so you don’t know your talent then you ask from others what can I do?

If you want independence, then you have to work as a freelancer

If you want your own business, then you can try to freelancing because freelancers don’t need an office for working.


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