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How can people differentiate a blog and an article writing?

Converge blog post and article 

Blog and article writing are two different writing styles, but most people converge article and blog writing. So they do not know about the difference between blogs and article writing.

It is hard to differentiate a blog post and an article because people use a formal writing style in a blog that you can use in the article. Now blogs are too lengthier and every blogger does more research for blogs. Blogs need an informal writing style rather than formal writing so you need to write friendly blogs and reader-friendly. Therefore, it is hard to know the difference between both.

Difference between blogs and articles

The writing style of blogs and articles

Blogs and articles have a different writing style, so people converge on both pieces of writing.


Blogs write in a casual tone, so it is short and using an informal writing style. They do not use complicated words which is easy to understand for the reader. A blog can write and update as per need of new updates because, over time, so the new update comes in things. Active voice use in blog writing and do not use passive voice. Blogs have a personal point of view more than reporting and data. For example, The blog point of view about government policies is the personal point of view of the author, because he has personal opinions about government policies.

Blog Writing
Blog Writing


Articles are written informal writing style and using the literature in a journalistic style. So it needs accurate spelling, grammar, so use a formal writing style that is graspable and easy to understand for the reader. It writes to convey information, fact, and news that is an unbiased perspective. So the articles can write base on reporting, information, and statistics. So the article describes government policies, so it needs research to gather information and compare existing government policies with previous government policies.

Article Writing
Article Writing

Length of blogs and articles

Blogs and article length are different because articles are longer than blogs.


Blogs length includes 2100 to 2400 words for SEO, so according to HubSpot data, they averaged the length of their 50 most-read blog posts in 2019 which an average word count was 2330. So their blog post lengths ranged from 333 to 5581 words, so their median length is 2164 words.


Article length is longer than a blog post, so article length is 1500 to 5000 words per article.

Personal Views

The Blog posts are based on the personal views of the author, therefore, the author can write their point of view in the blog posts. But some bloggers do research, gather data then they write the blog post.

Articles need to research, information, reporting, interview and statistics then author write the article. Article writer gathers all the information then he writes the article about any issue.

Editing Process of blog posts and articles

Blogs are self-published and it doesn’t need professional editors for editing because the bloggers write, edit and publish itself.

Articles need to editing process because most of the articles published on print media so professional editors involve in the editing process. Professional editor identifies the errors in the articles.

Update New Information

Blog Post

You can update new information in the blog so this is the beauty of the blog. It’s mean, the blog provides an opportunity to update your blog after publishing. Whenever you get new information that is relevant to your blog then you can add it to your blog. The beauty of a blog that you can easily update your blog.


You can’t update your article after publishing on print media. Whenever you get new information that revenant to your article then you can rewrite your article.

Methods of Publication

You have need a website for blogging then you can publish your blog. Some websites offer guest posts so you can publish your blog post on those websites.

Articles can publish in print media which are newspapers, magazines, and journals. You can post articles online on a professional website instead of a blog.

Blog and Article picture size

Blogs have a post area width and this post area has a size between 600px-750px so you can add pictures within the area width. So can use your blog post picture size 800px wide because it works on most blogs.

Your article picture size is 1200 pixels wide and the length is 675 pixels. Article picture minimum size is 600 pixels wide and the length is 335 pixels. The large blog pictures look nice than the small blog pictures.

How much writer charge for the blog and article?

Whenever a writer starts writing, then the first question he asks that how much can I charge for a blog and article. He searches for the right cost and he sees that $25 to $150, $2000 or 6 cents per word but the most important thing is your work quality. So try to make perfection in your work then you will make money. You will be able to charge high rates for your writing.


  • Blog and article two different writing style
  • Blog informal writing
  • Article formal writing
  • Blog no need of an editor
  • The article needs an editor
  • Blog publish on a website
  • Article publish on print media
  • The blog can update after publish
  • Article can’t update after publish
Table for the understanding of the difference
Blog Article
Mostly used blogger opinion Your personal opinion not allowed
No need for interviews or research Has interviews and researcher from experts and firms
Blog length short Longer than 300 words
SEO keywords used Keywords not essential
Spelling and grammar optional Spelling and grammar are essential
Writing style informal or friendly Writhing Style advance and formal
No editing self-published Editor cleans it, published by print magazine


I have written the blog for those who don’t know the difference between blog and article, so it is an effort to differentiate between blog and article. Mostly people converge blog and article, so hopefully, this blog will draw a picture of the difference between both. If you understand that this step is good, then share it with your friends.


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